Sunday, September 11, 2016

Do Not Admit Fault

Dad told his “Raj” story at dinner this evening, which he had been saving up for 3 days. The punchline of the story was “My Uber is here”. Then Dad and Pete had to quickly run out because Giancarlo was home, which meant they could go pick up the new couch. They went to Giancarlo’s, then Home Depot, back to Giancarlo’s, then home to drop off the couch, and a final trip (Dad only) back to Home Depot. Pete was amused by the instructions in the glove compartment of the truck rental. Rule #2 of the “what to do in an accident” pamphlet was “Do not admit fault”. Also, there were witness cards included in the packet. Dad and Pete were able to get the sofa in the house, up the stairs, and into Pete’s room! Pete had “lowered his standards” to accept a smaller couch. Even so, it barely squeezed through his door (standing on its side) and it takes up most of the space on that wall.

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