Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sam Spelling Bee Victory

Congratulations to Sam for winning the Dominion Trail spelling bee. Sam and Sarah Jakubowski were clearly the two best spellers. They were the last two remaining after a few rounds, and went a bunch of rounds with just the two of them. Mr. Joseph was the speller, and he did a great job. Unfortunately he did not pronounce the word correctly that Sarah went out on (ultimatum). Otherwise, they both might still be up there spelling. Sam spelled every word correctly that he was given. He will represent his school at the County Bee at Stone Bridge in March. The winner of that will go to the National Spelling Bee (all the way in Washington DC).

Here are the words that Sam spelled correctly:
  1. gray
  2. ladybug
  3. judge
  4. chickens
  5. hubcap
  6. dandelion
  7. emporium
  8. neigh
  9. gainsay
  10. celebrate
  11. amulet
  12. novelist
  13. vehicular
  14. curator
  15. explosive
  16. sirloin
  17. stalwart (winning word)

Here is the video of Sam and Sarah going many rounds against each other (thanks miss Debbie!)

These were the top finishers:
  1. Sam
  2. Sarah
  3. Matthew
  4. Ipsita
  5. Dheeman
  6. Alex
  7. Gabriel
  8. Joshua
  9. Shril
Also, in this video you can see Sam and Sarah being recognized at 3:45 for the Spelling Bee plaque:

Sunday, November 02, 2014

More Band Competitions

Pete went to a few more band competitions in the fall season - including Virginia Beach and South Lakes.

Saturday, November 01, 2014


Pete went out with a few of his friends for Homecoming:

Chloe, Alexandra, Chandler, Olivia, and Ryan.