Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Harry Balls

Above is Sam's ball that he recently got from Five Below.  The only problem is that the name he gave to the ball is "Hairy Balls".

Well, Dad decided that, as far as he is concerned, the name is "Harry Balls".  Sam has been spending several weeks explaining the proper pronunciation to Dad.

One evening right before bed, they had the following exchange:

Sam: What is the name of my ball?
Dad: Harry Balls
Sam: That's not quite right
Dad: I know what you're after, and I'm not going to say it
Sam: Ok, what would you call someone with a lot of hair?
Dad: Hairy
Sam: What do you play tennis with?
Dad: Balls
Sam: What is the name of my ball?
Dad: Harry Balls
Sam: What would you call a single ball with hair on it?
Dad: Hairy Ball
Sam: "...s"

Monday, April 15, 2013


Sam does "Word Study" homework.  Each week he gets a new list of 24 words.  One night he does rhyming, one night alphabetizing, etc.  Tonight it was sentences.  Sam was a bit lacking in inspiration after the Cub Scout meeting, so Dad offered to give him some sentence ideas, which led to the following conversation:

Sam:  Can you give me a sentence for 'transport'

Dad:  My spaceship will transport me to Uranus.

Sam:  Ooh, can I spell Uranus like--

Dad:  No.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

That Expression Seems Familiar

Dad was taking two pictures of Pete for some comics he was preparing on Instagram.  After snapping the first picture, he noticed that the expression seemed oddly familiar...

* Note: Pete was not trying to imitate that painting, that is just the expression he came up with randomly when trying to portray someone pretending to be worried about something

Monday, April 08, 2013


Sam won a $15 gift card from Target.  It was from the "Box Tops" promotion raffle at school.  Mom claimed that she should get the prize, but that is an argument for another day.

At Target, after some mini-pizzas, Sam and Dad picked out "Hedbanz" while Pete and Mom were trying on shorts, cleats, and socks for his first Flag Football game.  By the way, it turns out that the gift card was only for $5.  Oh well, Target, you win this time.

They played the game that night.  Here are the cards that each person had the most trouble with:
Sam - "Pizza"
Dad - "Dice"
Mom - "Camel"
Pete - "Paintbrush"

Sam was having a devilish time trying to figure out a food that is partly red, partly yellow, with sauce and cheese.
Pete was all over the map trying to come up with paintbrush.
Dad couldn't figure out what is white, bigger than rice, smaller than his hand, too boring to make a movie about, and possibly somewhere in the family room.
Mom couldn't get camel until Pete said it was angry and Dad said it was bemused.

Then there was "the mushroom incident":

Mom: Am I alive?
All: Yes
Mom: Am I an animal?
All: No
Mom: Am I a plant?
Sam: Yes
Pete: No
Dad: Not really
Mom: I give up [looks at card]