Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sterling Park Golf

Dad purchased two coupons for the Sterling Park golf course.  Each coupon was good for 18 holes of golf for two people, plus lunch.

On Saturday night, Dad drilled some extra holes in Mom's old golf cart, so the base could be lifted up to hold Pete and Sam's clubs perfectly.

On Sunday, the plan went into action.  First Dad and Pete played the front nine.  Then they had lunch.  Then Sam took over and played the back nine with Dad, while Pete and Mom went to Big Lots to get some curtain rods.  Next time, Sam will play the front nine and have lunch, and Pete will play the back nine.

It was a great day.  The weather was perfect.  And the course was empty, since everyone was home watching the career debut of RG3 defeating the Saints on opening day of the football season.

Pete played great.  His demeanor was good throughout the day, except for hole #7 when it took him 3 shots to get across the water.  This went against the previously agreed-upon plan to hit one ball in the water and then drop on the other side.  Pete almost got a 4 on the 3rd hole.  His tee shot went pretty far.  Then he hit an iron to just off the green, chipped to within about 6 feet, and made the putt on his second attempt.

Sam played great also.  He showed Dad his improved play that he learned at 1757 golf camp a few weeks earlier.  And he never got upset.  He had a 5 on the 16th hole, the hole where Dad got a birdie.  Dad also played surprisingly well, shooting 33 on the front and 34 on the back for a total of 67.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sam's 3rd Grade Class

Sam's 3rd grade classmates:

Left to Right:

Row 1: Nina Long, Sam, Joseph Brazina, Anshi Shastry, Brennan Colby, Joseph "Dino" Ramirez, Gemma Smith, Joanne Lin, Yusuf Sharif

Row 2: Tyler Hinman, Naiya Saletta, Naila Corum, Liberty Donaldson, Sophia Warner, Yvonne Lee, Jennifer Owen

Row 3: Avery Collins, Sarah Bishop, Arya Kuchipudi, Matthew Nalley, Jackson Myers, Brett Griffis, Joey Dombrosky, Haleigh Allred, Ipsita Bhakre