Monday, March 31, 2014

Loudoun Courthouse

Pete and Sam were home from school on Monday 3/31, so Dad decided to take them to the Loudoun County Courthouse in Leesburg.

They grabbed some lunch at Ledo Pizza:

The following cases were scheduled for 1:00pm in courtrooms 1C and 1D:

The Judge was the Honorable Deborah C. Welsh.

They saw 6 cases of inmates with public defenders who were requesting bond.  Results:

  • Jorge Zepeda - Approved $2,500
  • Okoya Dorsey - Denied
  • Clinton Richardson - Approved $25,000
  • Rahkeem Johnson - Denied
  • Taylor Carroll - Approved $2,500
  • Elizabeth Greenwood - Approved, and father permitted to pick up from hospital

During the Carroll case, the Defense Attorney approached the bench and there was a lengthy private discussion.

After the cases had all been tried, the only people left in the courtroom were the Judge, D.A., bailiff, Pete, Sam, and Dad.  They chatted with the Judge a bit.  She asked if they had any questions.

After the proceedings, they chatted with Mr. Greenwood in the hallway outside the courtroom.  They asked him why she was locked up for over a month for a simple trespass charge.  He said that his daughter was schizophrenic and they left her in jail so she would not die on the street during the cold winter.  They were happy that the Judge said they could go pick her up later in the day.  Pete shook his hand and Dad wished them good luck.

Pete found a hubcap on the way back to the car for adding to his collection.

Pete also learned to tie his tie by himself.  It was a day full of some new experiences and some old ones.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Pete's Last Basketball Team

This year would be Pete's last in the Farmwell Station Basketball League. Pictured above are:

??, Kyle Jenkins, Colin Weightman, Ian Williams, Tanay Kurane, Coach Chris Reed
Brandon Stephenson, Ali ??, Christian Knock, and Pete.