Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Sam performed a play in his FUTURA class this Spring. Mom and Dad were not able to attend, so they watched the video that miss Debbie took.

In case you can't find Sam, he's the one wearing the signature orange sweatshirt under his toga.

How did they do? We'll just have to wait until the Tony Awards are given out to get the final referendum on that.


Update: They did not receive any Tony Award nominations.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cub Scouts Nationals Game

Although Dad's trip to Dubai got moved around a few times in April, fortunately he was still able to go with Sam to the Nationals game. The Scouts who sold the most popcorn received free tickets to the game.

They stopped briefly at Dad's office on the way to the game, to treat Sam's massive bloody nose that occurred just before the exit for the office.

Sam and Dad stopped at McDonalds near the park for their traditional pre-game lunch, and then walked over to the park. It was a bit chilly, but they had a good time. You see a few rows in front of them the family that ordered the bucket of chicken and fries. Sam and Dad were trying to speculate how much it must have cost for that.

Dad had some extra tickets that he gave to Mr. Steve. Ethan, Joseph, and Jacob arrived somewhere around the 4th inning. The Nationals defeated the Phillies 4-1.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sweeney Todd

Pete participated in the Broad Run Spring musical production of Sweeney Todd. Pete was the understudy for Tobias, in addition to being in several company scenes and singing in several scenes as part of the sextet. Mom, Dad, and Sam attended the Saturday evening performance.

A variety of Dad's clothing ended up being used in the play, which left Dad wondering since it was mostly for the street urchins. Here is Pete wearing Dad's shirt and tie; the shirt was was one of the ones used in the production:

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Spring Break Golf

The forecast for Thursday of Spring Break week was sunny and 73 degrees, so Dad scheduled a tee time to play with Pete and/or Sam. Sam was not able to play due to some soreness in his neck from Rebounderz (and URF mode on League of Legends), so Dad and Pete played their first full round of 18 holes together. It was a glorious day.

Pete and Dad played at Sterling Golf Park. They teed off on the back 9 at 10:30am, took a break for lunch, and returned to play the front 9.

Pete played great. He made a very long putt on #17, and had quite a number of good shots. Pretty good, considering that he only had 5 clubs, most of which are a bit too short for him. He also had a great attitude throughout the day (except for a few putting issues towards the end).

Dad was overjoyed with such a fun day together.