Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Break Time

Pete decided to take a break on our walk and look for things in the clouds. Of course that means that Sam will take a break too.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Christy has been teaching Pete Sudoku. Here they are working on Memorial Day, after we got back from the pool. This is the first puzzle that he finished.

On a related note, Sam can count to any number. He uses the technique developed by the owl from the Tootsie pop commercials.

Me: Sam, can you count to 37?
Sam: One, two, three, 37!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Mattress

A visit to Pete's room at bedtime.

Pete: Dad, emergency!
Dad: Yes?
Pete: I need a new mattress
Dad: You do?
Pete: In the next 5 days
Dad: What is happening in 5 days?
Pete: If we act now, we can make no payments until August 2007 at Mattress Discounters

We may need to reconsider having switched his night-night music to Hot 99.5

Philly Trip

We went to Philadelphia for Mother's Day. The highlight of the trip was taking the train downtown and going to the Please Touch Museum. Sam would not go anywhere without his Spongebob backpack.

Here are Pete and Sam waiting for the train in Trevose.

Riding together on the train. Pete likes the car that goes backwards. Sam likes the tunnels.

Sam on the tractor at the farm area of the museum. This was just before one of the kids there took a blow to the eye from a head of lettuce (really).

Sam napping on the train platform. Note, he still won't let anyone have the backpack.

Riding home.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Three Beds

Pete has three beds at the moment. We assembled the bunk beds that we got for him at the Broadlands Yard Sale, but he wasn't ready to get rid of the old red bed yet, so his old bed is still in his room also. We will keep it for a little while. (He needs to sleep in the old bed for one night if he jumps out of the top bunk, which he has done once.)

We have also changed his bedtime music from the Sesame Street tape to DC radio station Hot 99.5.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Pete's room has been slowly transforming into the lab of a mad scientist. This is because each time you walk in there, he has new items that he has built with Knex. Below is a picture of his latest item, a working windmill. Even his Poppy was impressed. You can also click the picture to see Pete demonstrating the windmill (at length).

Friday, May 19, 2006


There are a few "mistakes" in this picture. See if you can find any of them.



1. Pete is wearing his biking helmet and not his bubbles helmet.
2. According to mom, the outfit shown (which dad allowed Pete to wear outside) does not match because the shirt is a different pattern than the pants.
3. This one would be impossible to determine from the picture, but Pete actually somehow snapped the bubble wand in the process of creating the bubbles for this photo.
4. Sam is not doing exactly the same thing as Pete and getting in Pete's way. (note, in fact he is doing exactly the same thing just outside the frame of the picture)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Problem

A little problem has developed. What happened was that Pete was pulling too hard on the neck and then there was a snap and now the situation is not so good.

What we are looking for is someone who would like to explain to Sam what happened. If anyone would like to help out with this, please let us know.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That Hairball Can Spell

I was trying to take a picture of Sam after he spelled his name. However, he spent about 5 minutes trying to get all of the corners to line up perfectly. Actually, I kind of like the picture this way, anyhow.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Two conversations from Pete on Mother's Day:

1. Kid's Day

Pete: Do only Mother's get presents on Mother's Day?
Me: Yes
Pete: And do only father's get presents on June 18th?
Me: Yes
Pete: When is Kid's Day?

2. Special Privileges

Pete: Let's play Coolboarders. They have a 4-player mode. I'll go first, dad second, mom third, and Sam fourth
Dad: You want mom to go third on Mother's Day? She should get moved up to the highest spot.
Pete: Ok, you're right. She can go second.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Camera Hog

We haven't had a lot of interesting pictures lately. Part of the reason for this is that Sam has figured out that when someone takes out the camera there will be pictures. So he runs over next to the wall and poses until we take his picture and then show it to him. By then, the original opportunity is long gone.

For example, yesterday Pete was counting from 1 to 100 for his homework assignment. Well, Sam kept calling out random numbers. It seemed like this was not malicious in intent, but it is hard to say for sure. Anyhow, it was messing up Pete's counting and it would have made a very funny video, but Sam ran over to get his picture taken when we took the camera out.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Batman Jammies

Sam likes his new Batman jammies that mom got at the consignment sale. Pete got Superman ones.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sam Breakfast

See if you can guess what Sam had today for breakfast.

If you guessed a squishy basketball, a case for Activision 30 Games, and a Power Rangers sticker, you win.

Sam likes the case for 30 games. He can point to about half of them if you call the name out. His favorites are Hero, Tennis, Boxing, Pitfall, Ice Hockey, Frostbite, Freeway, and Enduro.

By the way, if you were thinking about moving the basketball to the other side of the case, I wouldn't recommend it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sam Sick

Sam was sick a week ago for the first time in quite a while. He just had a bit of a fever and was logy for a few days. This was one of those deals where he just wants to lie around all day, but of course he needs someone to keep him company. So this just means that Christy has to clean the house, play with Pete, and cook dinner from this position:

This is where dad would generally find them when leaving for work in the morning, and when returning in the evening.

Sam is all better now.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Last Egg

Our street has an annual Easter Egg Hunt. The good news for Sam is that each kid gets to find 10 eggs. So after all of the other kids had found 10, Pete helped Sam look around for any that were left for him. Here is Pete helping Sam find one in a bush.

Sam had a tendency to lose the eggs in his basket. I have a feeling that if you wanted to get all of his eggs, you could ask him for the time and he would turn his arm to check his watch and all of his eggs would spill out.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crazy Hair Day

Pete had a blue mohawk last Friday for "crazy hair day" at school. Then on Monday they went bowling. I don't remember all this fun stuff when I went to school. Maybe one time on a Friday they gave us Pepperoni on our pizza. But that's about it.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another Belt Ceremony

On Saturday evening, we went to our third belt ceremony for Karate class. Pete moved quickly through his gold belt, and passed the test for his green belt. This time, Sam also got promoted to "advanced white belt", which is white with an orange stripe.

Here is a picture of Pete getting his green belt.

This was a fun ceremony, because Pete and Sam got to sit together.

Here is Sam with his new belt. Unfortunately, his flower did not last too long. Interesting note about this picture is that it was taken by Pete.